How does it work?

Coaching is a co-creative relationship. There is no authority figure, no dependence. I will listen to you deeply, and focus exclusively on you, your agenda, and how to unlock your potential for greatness.

I will let you determine the agenda for each session, ask powerful questions, genuinely support you, and assist you in setting your goals, planning, and strategizing. I will be your accountability partner between our sessions to make sure you are on track, and feel good about your decisions. I will not try to diagnose, treat or fix you.

I will help you help yourself.

How coaching is different from consulting:
-Consultants advise their clients; coaches guide them.
-Consultants are focused on results; coaches are focused on people.
-Consultants are hired to produce a certain outcome; coaches support their client as they achieve a certain outcome.

How coaching is different from therapy:
-Therapists work with clients who need professional help to work toward healing; coaches work with successful and healthy people who want a detached partner to help them evolve and grow.

If you are ready to grow, set healthy goals, and live life to the fullest, contact me for a free 30 minute sample session! We will schedule a time and you will be able to experience for yourself how you can benefit from coaching... No strings attached...