Personal Training

Do you want to?

-Lose weight (fat), and inches
-Improve self esteem
-Lower your blood pressure
-Run a marathon
-Improve quality of life
-Improve your golf / tennis game
-Keep up with your grandchildren
-Look, and feel better
-Improve flexibility
-Get faster results
-Improve posture
-Have sounder sleep
-Improve stamina
-Enhance sport performance

I do not sell a procedure or a diet, but rather a lifestyle. This way, there is no quick fixes, no gimmicks, just real results with a simple formula: one client, one trainer, one goal. It's just about you, your needs, with no distraction. You are constantly engaged in your workout. You stay focused, motivated, and energized, and you will achieve results far beyond your expectations.

I have a holistic body and mind approach combining nutritional advice (including Shakeology, resistance and endurance training, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) / hypnotherapy, goal setting, and accountability.

Accountability and commitment are the hardest part of fitness programs, especially if it involves a significant lifestyle change. I demand both of these from you, but you get twice the dedication and motivation from me in return!

The sessions are held in the comfort of your house, my studio, of a workout room that you have access to. The activities will keep your mind engaged, and your muscles confused for better results. I promise there will not be a dull moment!

The initial program lasts for 12 weeks; we will meet 3 times (1 hour) a week for 4 weeks, and 2 times (1 hour) a week for 8 weeks. Then we will work on a session schedule that will best fit your needs. Go to Prices and Services for more details.

I only work with highly motivated and committed people. So if you are ready to make life-long healthy changes, let's start now!