Choose the option that meets your scheduling and budget needs:

Manifestation Coach:
-Initial coaching consultation: FREE (50 minutes)
-One on one coaching consultation (50 minutes)
-Emergency consultation (30 minutes)

Tension Pattern Release (TPR):
A unique approach to body work to realign connective tissues and relieve chronic pain.

Personal Training:
12 week program: includes training, nutrition advice, and NLP / hypnotherapy
3X 1 hour for 4 weeks
2X 1 hour for 8 weeks

Hourly sessions also available.

Prive, group, and workshops.

Meditations, healings, reiki:
Customized to your personal needs.

Customized to your personal needs.

If you are ready to grow, set healthy goals, and live life to the fullest, contact me for a free 30 minute sample session! We will schedule a time and you will be able to experience for yourself how you can benefit from coaching... No strings attached...